Adore Aquamarine Hair Dye

I bought the Adore dyes as Directions, Crazy Color and Stargazer were sold out in the colours I wanted.

They come in 118ml bottles, with a very small dispenser lid which should limit the amount of dye that comes out. However the dye was very runny and made it quite difficult to apply, both with gloved hands and tint brushes.

Colour wise: **on bleached hair** - it's beautifully bold and eye-catching. After initial dyeing and conditioner only washes, the colour has lasted brilliantly well, barely fading and no need to touch up the colour. However be aware that the colour does run if you have two shades it may well affect the other colour. I used Adore Violet Gem on my tips, amd to some extent both colours did mix and my tips became a different shade of blue every time I washed my hair (shampoo on un-dyed hair and conditioner on dyed). Made for an interesting and unique effect!

Giving it 4/5 for the runny dye texture. Probably won't buy it again.

Aliceee, 25/10/2016
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