Adore Orange Blaze Hair Dye

Ended up ordering this as I heard it was highly pigmented and I was fading a blue to reach a colour I could go close to my natural auburn (red/brown/orange mixture of hair)

Bit of back story
Managed to get to a greeny colour on the ends blonde/yellow mods and roots and a permanent ginger shade just made me strawberry blonde with brownish ends.

Applied this to freshly shampood, towel dried hair (very towel dried so felt like I'd sprayed it with a water bottle) and left it on for about 5/6 hours whilst I slept.
Applied heat to it once I woke up to dry it a bit (as it says on the directions to apply heat) then rinsed it off then shampoo and conditioner my hair as normal.

The coverage I got was AMAZING it's all one colour rather then 3/4 colours as it was. It's so vibrant.
It's not as dark as I expected, I don't know why but I expected a more red hued orange but this is a golden orange (best way to describe it) it's a beautiful colour though and is what I refer to as an unnatural natural (can pass for a natural colour at work but it's like my auburn on steroids)

kirsty harwood, 05/02/2016
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