Adore Intense Red Hair Dye

I never found any reviews on the Adore hairdyes online, so I thought I could share my experience with this product with you. Since I couldn't find anyone who used Adore before I wasn't so keen on trying it. I thought I'd give it a shot anyway only because its cheap tbh. The dye is very runny (just like water), which made me think it would be really hard to apply, which turned out to be much easier to apply then any other dyes! It also tells you to apply it on towel dry hair, which makes it even easier to apply and spread evenly! I usually use 2 (118ml) bottles on my full head (Special Effects), so I bought 2 bottles of Adore, but since it spreads and applies so well I only used one bottle, and a tiny drop from the other one. So the hairdye is cheap, and you need less of it too! :D

It has a nice smell (which I happen to not like xD ), it also makes your hair sooo smooth, it feels like your putting on a hair treatment/repair product rather then hairdye, which is amazing! The colour came out really great, much better then what I expected! Intense red is a pink based red from what I can see. After applying it comes out this gorgeous dark wine red! Also another great did NOT stain the shower or the sink! :O I was shocked because hairdyes usually happen to stain a lot, or at least just a little bit, this one did not stain at all! And it also comes off skin no problem! So far I don't have anything negative to say about this hairdye, but I still need to know how long it lasts and what colour it would fade to. Other then that I loved this hairdye! :D

Carla Zero, 07/11/2012
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