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"Vegetable" Hair Dyes

Many people can refer to these semi-permanent hair dyes as 'Vegetable Dyes' - this is a widely used phrase used to describe these type of dyes and does not mean that they are made from vegetables or contain specific vegetable ingredients. It is a phrase we believe may have developed from certain brands of semi-permanent hair dyes being referred to as vegan friendly and therefore classed as hair dyes suitable for vegans or vegetarians. There are true vegetable dyes made from things such as Camomile and Henna but these tend to high-light or brighten natural shades in the hair rather than change it to the neon colours that Manic Panic, Special Effects, Crazy Color, Pravana ChromaSilk, Adore, Directions and Stargazer dyes come in.

For clarification all the ingredients of the dyes we sell can be seen here.