Via Natural Bordeaux

Via Natural Bordeaux

I was a little nervous ordering a dye without it having any reviews or photos, but the colour in the...Read More

Emma S, 03/20/2017
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Special Effects Atomic Pink (UV)

Special Effects Atomic Pink (UV)

Hands down, the BEST pink dye out there!! Gives amazing, bright, vibrant colour result, glows in UV ...Read More

Shanna N., 01/20/2017
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Locked In Pravana Purple

Locked In
Pravana Purple

Applied on bleached hair, left it on for a few hours! Came out a little darker than the picture but ...Read More

leonie d., 01/13/2017
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M/Panic Voodoo Blue Amplified

M/Panic Voodoo Blue

Gorgeous color! And fades beautifully. Left my hair so soft and conditioned... Almost perfect! The ...Read More

Saka Saka, 01/13/2017
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Herman's Amazing Tammy Turquoise

Herman's Amazing
Tammy Turquoise

Beautiful colour but came out lighter then I thought. Colour has faded and been on 3 weeks but stil...Read More

Posionpixir, 01/11/2017
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