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How To....Bleach & Dye Your Roots

This information on this page should be treated as a GUIDE only
please consult a hairdresser or professional if in any doubt:
Always follow manufacturers instructions and do a strand & sensitivity test before use.
The following guide is for Manic Panic & Special Effects Dye

What you will need:
Hair Dye
Tint Bowl
Tint Brush
Tail / Sectioning Comb
Hair Clips
Plastic/Latex Gloves
Old Clothes / Towels
An Extra Pair of Hands if Possible

Please read How To...Dye Your Hair for basic hair dye information and How To...Bleach Your Hair for basic bleaching information.

How often you choose to re-dye/bleach your roots is entirely up to you - you will know best when you want to re-do them - some people are happy with 3 inches of re-growth some people jump on the slightest showing on the roots, but please bear in mind the more you bleach your hair the more potential damage you could be doing to it. On many Bleach Kits the manufacturers will let you know often they feel it is safe to use their product. Always use as low volume developer/peroxide as you can (20 or 30 is much better to use than 40 if you can get away with it).

Try not to get bleach on the already dyed parts of your hair e.g. if roots are 2cm DON'T coat top 3cm of hair with bleach.

Always re-bleach roots as quickly as possible as hair next to the scalp will generally bleach quicker than elsewhere (due to the heat from your head) - also if you take 30 mins to apply bleach you may find the area you first did is over-bleached whereas the are you have just applied bleach too has not changed much. Getting a friend to help with the bleaching is always a good idea.

Bleaching Roots:
- Using clips separate hair into many small sections
- Wear plastic/latex gloves
- Starting at the bottom of the head at the back unclip one section and coat both sides of this section's roots with bleach using your tint brush (cover roots only, not already bleached/dyed areas).
- Working from the back upwards and forwards unclip each section and coat roots as above.
The following instructions are the same as for normal bleaching (can be seen under How To...Bleach Your Hair)
- At this point some people cover their hair with a plastic bag or plastic wrap to prevent the bleach drying out. To aid the bleaching process you can cover your hair with a plastic bag/plastic wrap and use a hairdryer - this can really speed up the bleaching time so check it constantly - this method is best used once you are used to how your hair reacts with bleaching so perhaps best to be used after your 2nd or 3rd time bleaching.
- When checking hair the colour most people try to attain is a lemon yellow/blonde colour as most dyes tend to work fine over this base and also any left over yellow tones could be removed by using a toner (see below). To check the result take a small section of hair and wipe off the bleach - if it is not the desired shade make sure the strand is covered with bleach again (from other hair) and clip back up again. You should always check the area that you bleached first as this is the area that will lighten first.
- When your hair is the desired colour rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo. Make sure you remove all traces of the bleach and pay particular attention to your skin - forehead, neck, scalp etc. Do NOT condition hair if you are following the bleaching with a semi-permanent hair dye e.g. Special Effects or Manic Panic as conditioner can stop the dye from sticking to your hair. If you are not dyeing straight away then it is highly recommended to condition your hair after bleaching.
- Towel dry hair gently as hair will be more fragile due to bleaching and then check hair for any missed or patchy areas - these could become more noticeable when hair is dyed so they are best spotted and re-bleached before dyeing hair - again using as low volume as you can.
- Use a toner if required - toners can work fast so follow manufacturers instructions and check hair regularly to prevent over toning - when the hair starts becoming the toner colour (details under How To....Use Toner)

When re-dyeing your hair you are best re-applying the Semi Permanent Hair Dye to all previously dyed areas as this will give your hair a top-up of colour all over. If, like me, you have some normal colour hair and some dyed you can apply the dye to the coloured areas only or you can apply it to your whole head - this uses more dye but does give your hair an all over sheen of colour as well as brightening up the already coloured areas.

For hints and tips on maintaining hair colour please see under our Hints & Tips Section



Beeunique are not trained hair professionals
If in any doubt consult a hairdresser or other qualified professional

These pages should be treated as a guide only
Information, Ingredients & Instructions are correct at time of writing
Please check packaging information before use

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