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Crazy Color 30 Vol Bleach Instructions

Please note:
The following information and instructions are as shown on Crazy Color Bleach Kits on May 2010. We cannot be held responsible for any incorrect or out-dated information and as such highly recommend you read fully the instructions on the box and leaflet on the bleach kit you have purchased. Never use metallic items with bleach. Bleach must be fully rinsed from the hair before using a hair dye afterwards. Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes are unlikely to stick to the hair if it still contains bleach traces or has been conditioned.

This is a guide ONLY - if in any doubt please contact a professional or hairdresser before using this or any other bleach product.

Disposable Gloves, Mixing Bowl, Spatula, Tint Brush, 2 x Bleach Sachets (25g), 100ml Cream Peroxide 30 Vol. (9%)
Multilingual Instructions.

Always use this product in accordance with instructions. Keep bleach powder closed until ready to use, store product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Always wear plastic or rubber gloves when handling this product. Do not apply peroxide direct to hair. Protect all clothing and furnishings from contact with products.Keep out of reach of children. Always ensure a break of 14 days between applying this product and previous hair treatments. If you are unsure about using this product, consult an experienced person to assist with the application.
[NOTE: These are just some general cautions for using this product full cautions can be seen on each bleach kit]

Your natural hair colour will determine the development time required. The timings below indicate the time required for natural hair to reach decolored/pale yellow stage.
Natural Hair Colour
Processing Time
Med to Dark Blonde
20 - 50 minutes
Light Brown
20 - 60 minutes
Med Brown
20 - 80 minutes
Dark Brown
20 - 90 minutes
After 20 minutes, check a section of hair every 10 minutes to assess progress. To do this, simply remove the mixture from test section using a damp tissue. If you have not achieved your desired shade re-apply mixture and continue processing. Continue to check every 10 minutes in order to avoid over processing.

If you have any questions please contact Beeunique or Stargazer BEFORE using this product
Beeunique cannot be held responsible for any misuse or adverse reactions caused by this product
Always follow manufacturers instructions exactly.
This page is to be treated as a Guide ONLY
Correct as of May 2010



Beeunique are not trained hair professionals
If in any doubt consult a hairdresser or other qualified professional

These pages should be treated as a guide only
Information, Ingredients & Instructions are correct at time of writing
Please check packaging information before use

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